Increase Kitchen Storage Space with Smart Medford Construction Design

Increasing storage space is a goal we should all have in mind when looking at a smart Medford Construction Contractor – The Best Companies in Medford project (, especially if you are about to remove walls to open up space. Losing wall space often mean sacrificing cabinetry as well. For most people, this is a concern as there is so much that must be stored in the kitchen cabinets: pots, dishes, cleaning supplies, utensils and dry foods. Do not forget the appliances: the toaster, coffee maker, the blender, crock pot, can opener, waffle iron, and so forth!

Luckily, there are some tricks to assist with your endeavors to increasing your kitchen storage through smart cabinet designs!

Build up, not out.

Every inch counts when you’re talking cabinet space. The first and most evident option is to utilize vertical space by constructing cabinets up. Whether or not you don’t have extremely high ceilings, you’ll be shocked at how much more space for storing will be created by just extending your cabinets fully up. Even if you can’t reach these upper cabinets, it’s a great place to hide items or appliances you don’t use often, yet, should keep.

What’s inside matters, too.

Not many are super savvy with regards to organizing, but that’s okay – that’s what remodeling experts in Medford Oregon are there for! Designing the interior section of your cabinets is equally important when it comes to your kitchen remodel. It’s a perfect idea to set varying heights of shelving in the cabinets and store various sized items

We can also install space savers, such as slide-out pot and pan racks, spice trays and utensil dividers, and cookie sheet and pot lid holders. Attaching shelves or racks to the inside of cabinet doors doubles how much food or supplies they can hold. Installing a Lazy Suzan to the corner cabinet can also be a great way to utilize unused space and keep things organized!

Add an island.

Repeatedly, if your home builders keep removing walls to open up a beautiful kitchen, they would also recommend adding an island in the newly enlarged space. This isn’t always an option, but it will be an excellent benefit to a kitchen that lost cabinet space out of a removed wall. You won’t just gain cabinet storage space under the island, but you gain counter space at the top of the island also. This space can afford you with the opportunity to create a rinsing sink or cooktop to be installed, or could easily provide additional workspace during meal prep.

Get creative with the kitchen cabinet design.

Without a doubt, a big part of remodeling the kitchen is based on aesthetics. You want the kitchenette to function well and look beautiful. If you’re used to having some space above your cabinets or are worried that a wall of solid cabinets won’t be to your liking, incorporating glass front cabinet doors into your design might be the perfect compromise!

Glass front cabinets can result in an attractive look and also provide cupboard space that may serve as a display for special occasion dishes, wine glasses or any other items you’d like to showcase. Backlights can be installed to make your display pop!

There are various styles of glass front cabinets, including textured or frosted glass as well as many trim options, permitting customization and creativity and still provide storage space.

Don’t exclude shelving.

If glass front cabinets aren’t your choice, there’s still another possibility to consider: open shelving. While shelving in the cooking area may be a little too casual for anyone with traditional taste, this new trend provides space for storing in areas where cabinets might not work. Shelves can result in a lighter, airy feel to the space that might be too cluttered with cabinets.

Top remodeling construction contractors in Medford Oregon know that kitchen upgrading requires knowledge and creativity so that you can achieve the best outcome. Even if you’re not remodeling the whole kitchen, redesigning your cabinetry using these smart tips often makes a significant impact on the space for storing and leads to a proper organization!

If you feel you need more storage in your kitchen and your cabinets could use a refresh, contact Better Built Construction today, their remodeler would love to help!