How to Have More Fun Shooting with Muzzle Brakes

Have you been asking yourself if there is a way where you can enhance your shooting experience and have more fun while doing it? Compensators & Muzzle Brakes @ MadHouse Design may just be what you need, and here is why.

First off, brakes would release gas that comes from the muzzle and sends it in different directions where it will do two things; 1) ensure you experience less recoil, and 2) reduce muzzle rise, which has a hand in improving your accuracy levels.

Individual silencers also have a hand in reducing muzzle flash while it suppresses sound while other brands tend to make your rifle sound louder.

You’d be pleased to know that compensators come in different styles and finishes that make the job of selecting one a little harder than you would have thought. If you happen to have a .308 rifle, then it is just what you need to improve your shooting experience.

The thing is that the overall strength, durability, and performance of anything is in direct proportion to the quality of the basic units of which they are formed. The same can be said of firearms as well. Similar to other high-tech equipment and accessories, firearms are made up of smaller and more complex components. Brakes form a part of these and help to enhance your shooting abilities.

Therefore, it is crucial on the part of the buyer to take their time and talk to experts in the field of muzzle brakes before going out to buy one.

After all, equipping your firearm with the best muzzle brake is no small feat as it generally requires a proper knowledge of all the ins and outs of that particular brand and if it will be a good fit for your gun.

The Many Ways to Ensure You have More Fun Shooting

One of the best ways in our opinion is through equipping your rifle with a muzzle brake. What comes to mind too would be clamped on brakes that are precision machined to be compatible with the exact barrel specifications. You can make your decision from either tapered, stepped or straightened clamp on brakes.

It is very reassuring to know that muzzle brakes are custom-designed to match a shooter’s requirements and that it can hold tighter tolerances on the bore and the exit hole of the bullet, allowing it to reduce both recoil and muzzle rise.

The clamped on versions are mostly designed from 416 stainless steel, which means that no permanent modifications are needed. What is more, you do not need a gunsmith to have it fitted as you can make use of hand tools?

Experts discovered that a 5 port designed brake proves to be the most efficient in dispersing gasses that go through the barrel of a gun. One such designer experimented with this concept by drilling 20 holes measuring around 0.076-inches towards the top end of the muzzle brake. The bottom part of this particular model had no ports, so it eliminated the chance of it kicking dirt all over the one taking the shots. Furthermore, if you angle the lower part of the brake correctly, it reduces the likelihood of the muzzle rising.

Why Ported AR recoil reducers Are the Best

Considered to be among the most efficient designs would be the ported recoil reducers. The primary reason being that it allows massive amounts of gas to escape through the first port while the other gasses would just follow the bullet and make it way through the other ports.

The beauty of making use of ported brakes are that they are very similar to the drilled version except that there is no expansion chamber. The no holes towards the bottom of some designs like the ones made by MadHouse Design ensure there isn’t any annoying dust blowing in your face.

Muzzle brakes make up a crucial, yet necessary part of your rifle. Among the best are the ones manufactured for use with a .308 or AR-15 rifle.

The best part of having a silencer fitted is that it reduces any pressure or high velocity with ease. Getting the best product such as the Triple-port Muzzle Brake made by MadHouse Design ensure you have proper control over your firearm.

In all cases, it’s best to have a word with the experts at MadHouse Design and have them check things out to ensure your gun is well suited to having a muzzle brake fitted.